Animal Science & Technology Department

About us

Our Mission

The mission of the Department is to produce graduates with in-depth knowledge in both practical and theoretical aspects of Agricultural Economics and well-grounded enough to permit self-employment upon graduation.

Career Opportunities

The unique practical training offered to students confers on them a competitive advantage in the Agricultural and allied sector labour market.  The career opportunities arise from our emphasis on producing well-trained graduates who are confident job creators, self-employers, owners and managers of agribusiness enterprises. They are particularly groomed as academics and decision-makers to occupy such positions as Agricultural  Economists, Agricultural Consultants, Farm Managers/Accountants, Agricultural Managers in private companies and oil, gas, bank and environmental industries, Credit executives in service industries, Rural Development Specialists,  Agricultural Planners, Internal Auditor etc both within Nigeria and overseas.

Past Heads of Department

The Department of Agricultural Economics was headed within the following periods by:

S/N Name Duration
1. Prof. C.E. Onyenweaku 1987- 1990
2. Prof. J. E. Njoku 1990- 1992
3. Prof. C. C. Asiabaka 1992- 1999
4. Prof. C. E Onyenweaku 1999-2000
5. Prof. J. S. Orebiyi  2001 -2003
6. Prof. M. A. C. A. Odii 2003 – 2005
7. Prof. J S. Orebiyi May 2005 – Sept 2006
8. Prof. N. N. O. Oguoma Oct. 2006 – 2008
9. Prof. J. I. Lemchi Oct. 2008-Jan 2010
10. Dr D. O. Ohajianya Jan 2010 – June 2012
11. Prof. C. C. Eze July 2012 – June 2015
12. Prof. P. C. Obasi July 2015 – June 2017
13. Prof. U. C. Ibekwe July 2017-July 2019
14. Prof. S. U. O Onyeagocha July 2019 – to date